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While a car’s performance and reliability are important, the personal safety of you and your family is imperative. Before a car can be sold, have ownership transferred, or re-registered, it must be deemed roadworthy by a VicRoads-licensed vehicle tester to obtain a Roadworthy Certificate. These are necessary to reduce the number of vehicles in poor condition from being driven on the road to ensure the safety of the vehicle’s driver and other motorists on the road.

DPM Service Centre are a Richmond based mechanical workshop who have conducted roadworthy inspections on many makes and models of vehicles. We will ensure that the safety of your vehicle is not compromised before giving it a Roadworthy Certificate and let it be driven on the road.

Roadworthy certificate

What Is Investigated?

An investigation for a Roadworthy Certificate checks a vehicle to guarantee that key segments are not worn or weakened and that it can be utilised. An investigation will primarily cover significant security related things:

  • Wheels and tyres.
  • Directing, suspension, and slowing mechanisms.
  • Seats and seat sash.
  • Lights and reflectors.
  • Windscreen and windows, including front windscreen, wipers, and washers.
  • The structure of the vehicle itself.
  • Other security related things on the body, suspension, or motor.

The road worthiness test is not a check of a vehicle’s mechanical unwavering quality or general condition. On the off chance that your vehicle needs an exhaustive check, then you ought to mastermind a different autonomous report. These are offered by the RACV, numerous Licensed Motor Car Traders (LMCTs), and different workshops.

We provide car services too, if you make your mind to repair brakeclutch or any other do any repairing before getting Roadworthy certificate just let us know.

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