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Brake Repairs

Want to restore your brake stopping power? Then you surely need to get the brake repairs done.

Welcome to DPM Service Centre where you will find highly qualified staff always ready to help you out. All our staff is updated by latest technology and are knowledgeable in the field of brake systems.

Being the most significant part of vehicle, pursing as the safety measure while driving on the roads you should make sure that your vehicle’s brake is working properly.

Why Brake repair is important?

If you feel anything wrong or unusual, you should call a professional. Or you can go for regular annually check up as a better option will more beneficial to you.

DPM Service Centre will inspect your vehicle thoroughly and work on the parts needs to repair. Our inspection includes:-

  • Removing contaminated products and exchanging brake fluid.
  • Replace and install brake parts such as hoses, callipers, wheel bearing etc.
  • Re-emerge drums and rotors.
  • Inspect the Anti Brake System(ABS) fault.

At DPM, we access each and every car with true adherence ensuring availability.

Call us today only for an effective brake repair service at affordable price today only.

We service nearby suburbs such as Richmond, South Yarra, East Melbourne, Hawthorn and Kew. Call us to book your appointment 03 9428 1519.